Raap, S., MSc.

Positive health and social resilience in post-war disadvantaged neighbourhoods: an ethnographic participatory study

Department of Health, Ethics and Society, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences,  Maastricht University, s.raap@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Supervisor: Prof. Klasien Horstman



I hold a bachelor degree in International Relations and a bachelor degree in Philosophy (both University of Groningen). I also hold a master degree in Philosophy (University of Groningen 2012, Cum Laude) and a Research Master degree in Modern History and International Relations (University of Groningen 2011). For the latter I wrote a thesis on the democratization of Global Governance. I graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on the concept of Freedom in the work of Hannah Arendt and Jan Patočka.

My PhD research is part of the project Positive Health and Social Resilience in Postwar Disadvantaged Neighborhoods: An Ethnographic Participatory Study. The project studies the intersections and dynamics of citizen participation, intersectoral policies, positive health and social resilience in three socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Maastricht. To study how citizen participation initiatives and intersectoral networks affect positive health and social resilience, I conduct an in-depth ethnographic participatory research, including field work, participant observation, informal conversations and interviews. The study is conducted together with inhabitants and other stake-holders like social workers.