PhD Research

Gianna Marsman

Dr. Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, Dr. Tjerk Jan Schuitmaker & Dr. Carina Pittens

Iris Schuitemaker

Supervisor(s): Ellen Moors, Frank van Laerhoven & Koen Beumer

Karin van Vuuren

Supervisors: Prof.dr. Roland Bal, dr. Bert de Graaff, Robert Borst MSc

Jill van der Kamp

Supervisors: L. Krabbenborg & dr. A. F. de Winter
Teamwork of the staff, creative and friendly atmosphere

Sophie van der Does

Inter- and transdisciplinary research and education in practice Institute…

Marije Miedema

Rethinking the future of a common Personal Digital Archive through…

Jasper van Dijk

Organising knowledge and learning for the regional energy transition Department…

Vera Kools

Enabling participation of all European stakeholders in the digital energy market

Martijn van der Meer

Safeguarding a healthy future: Dutch preventive child health intervention between politics and practice, 1901-2020

Efe Cengiz

Worlding Zeytinlikler: Knowledge infrastructures and multispecies futures of Aegean olive orchards

Lenn Gorissen

Transition Pathways Technology-4-Ecology-based farming

Joost Kuijper

Struggle of regions for smart (re)specialization. Tensions in the innovation system in East Netherlands

Wytske Hepkema

Tracing error and contested claims: controversy in Nanobiology from a social science perspective

Tessel Wijne

Digital Innovations for Animal-Free Safety Testing

Stefan Gaillard

Much Ado About Nanothings: Exaggerated Claims in Nanobiology

Candida Sánchez Burmester

Tracing claims in nanobiology: scientific practices and interactions at conferences and laboratories

Hugo Peeters

Before the Cradle, to the Grave: Constituting Maternity Care as a Target of Prevention

Nada Akrouh

Qualitative Big Data Analysis using Citizen Science and AI: unlocking experiential knowledge for healthcare

Maud Oostindie

Cultural scripts of online conflict

Alyona Lammers

Public participation by other means? Informal practices to engage with matters of collective concern in nondemocratic settings - Subproject #2 ‘Concealing participation’

Marta Sienkiewicz

New evaluative tools as devices on the academic market(s)

Anastasia Stoli

Public participation by other means? Informal practices to engage with matters of collective concern in nondemocratic settings - Subproject #4: Extricating participation

Maria Denisova

Building Private Health Care Spaces in Russia: Organizational-Epistemic Assemblages of Care

Olga Temina

Between market, informality, and activism: access to medicines in Russia

Nina Schwarzbach

Towards a Unified Field of Clinical Psychology – Academia’s Contribution to the Scientist-Practitioner Gap

Margot Kersing

The use of (Big) data in the local social domain: developing street-level responsibility practices

Lea Lösch

Evidence in Action: Dynamic standardisation of experience-based knowledge and values in guidelines 

Junzhe (Windson) Lin

The Movement of Neurasthenia: Indigenization and Conceptualization of Psychiatry in the Early Twentieth-Century China 

Aamina Teladia

Aligning technological, economic and governmental factors in regional energy transition processes

Anneke Boersma

Health, Sustainability and the Dietary Shift in India and The Netherlands

Monica Vasile

Reintroducing endangered species: human-animal histories in the 20th century

Florian Helfrich

eGoBIT - Governance of Blockchain-based Infrastructure Transitions on Energy markets

Jelena Stankovic

Managing scarcity - Oil and solar energy

Michiel Bron

The engagement of oil firms in the development of nuclear energy during the long age of scarcity, 1951-1985

Syb Kuijper

Good nursing: exploring nursing practices and the valuation of nursing roles

Yingying Han

Validity and integrity in natural sciences

Hanna Stalenhoef

Tying knots and working with frayed edges: unraveling regions as places and imaginaries of care

Mike Grijseels

Scripting for inclusion

Annemarie Horn

On How to Change Learning and How to Learn Changing

Tessa Roedema

RETHINK the European science communication landscape

Jing Wang

Journal quality in China

Joyce Hoek

Back to Bayesics: Solving the Reproducibility Crisis in Biomedicine

Chiara Carboni

The implication of new technologies for professional roles in health care

Carla Greubel

Towards a “politics of what” – Valuing the good later life in active and healthy ageing innovations

Selen Eren

Cherishing hope beyond the ‘truth’: Building a more reliable and responsible knowledge infrastructure for the naturalcultural diversity to survive

Irene Niet

The governance of artificial intelligence in the energy transition

Sarah Rose Bieszczad

FluidKnowledge: A Multi-Scale Ethnography of How Evaluation Shapes Ocean Science

Jacqueline Ashkin

FluidKnowledge: A Multi-Scale Ethnography of How Evaluation Shapes Ocean Science

Lotje Siffels

Digital Good. The Digital Disruption of Health Research and the Common Good in Europe: an Empirical-Philosophical Study

Niko Wojtynia

Towards a regenerative food system in the Netherlands: between transition and transformation

Natascha van Bommel

Transitioning towards a low carbon energy system and its implications on society

Georgiana Kotsou

Convention Conventions

Ivan Veul

Big tech through the eyes of the user

Dirk van de Leemput

Precarity in the social-material networks of time-based media works of art

André Brasil

Advancing the evaluation of graduate programs in Brazil: A proposal for improvement of the courses' assessment form and a study of suitable metrics and indicators for its application

Nienke van Pijkeren

(Re)Building Geographies of Care

Lea Beiermann

“A New World of Observation”: Microscopists, Matter and Media, ca. 1850–1900

Denise Petzold

Resisting Closure: A Museum Studies Approach to Performing the Canonic Heritage of Symphonic Music

Wouter Van Rossem

Finding Blind Spots: Data quality & the European Information Systems for security, border and migration management

Luc van Summeren

Community-based virtual power plant

Mario Pinzón Camargo

Decoding inclusive innovation: an approximation to the role of the local institutional entrepreneur in the success of inclusive innovation initiatives in Colombia

Sabrina Huizenga

The experimental city: unpacking big data and citizen engagement in urban health labs

Report PhD employability in a precarious labor market

PhD candidates Gili Yaron and Andrea Gammon conducted a study into the career trajectories and job-searching strategies of WTMC alumni working inside and outside of academia.
Danielle Shanley PHd

Danielle Shanley

In my Master thesis, entitled ‘Beyond Bullshitting: Valorisation and the Humanities in The Netherlands’, I explored how scholars respond to the current demand to explain the potential value of their research.
Robert Borst PhD research

Robert Borst, MA

Dissertation by Robert Borst. Health research is deemed essential for improving health worldwide. Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management.

Zahar Koretsky, MA

Abandoning technology: Understanding the dynamics of technological…

Suci Lestari Yuana

The Dynamic of Platform Economy in Indonesia and Philippines…

Spronck, V, MSc.

Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences: Contemporary Participation…

Zuijderwijk, J. MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the level…

Gregory, K., MSLIS, MA

Data Retrieval Practice: Seeking and Evaluating Research Data Data…

Heerings, M., MSc.

Participatory quality improvement incomplex care relationships…

Dorst, H. MSc.

Governing for sustainable urban transformation - enabling the…

Waes, A. van, Ir.

Beyond experimentation: institutionalization of urban living…

Raap, S., MSc.

Positive health and social resilience in post-war disadvantaged…

Benedictus, R., MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the UMC Utrecht Centre…

Bruno, M.J. MA

Governance and Innovation in Cycling: How can user-centred models…

Petzer, B.J.M., MSc.

The role and potential of cycling-based mobility services in…

Bek, P., MA

Transport Poverty, Governance, and Cycling Department of Industrial…

Dekker, H.J., MA

Where does the bicycle belong? A history of cycling governance…

Wojcik, A., MA

The co-production of bodies and pedagogical technologies in medical…

Allison, Rachel, MA

Crafting Bodies: An anthropological exploration of the entanglement…

Schuijer, Jantien Drs.

Giving shape to responsible research and innovation in the context…

Horbach, Serge, MA

Novel challenges to scientific integrity Institute for Science,…

Stevens, Marthe, MSc.

“Big buzz”? An empirical and intervening study on the role…

Kam, David de, MA.

Governance and (external) regulation and supervision of the quality…

Rees, Pieter van, MSc.

Citizenship in Science Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Behavioural…

Salas Gironés, E. MSc.

Governance of the transition towards Smart Mobility Technology,…

Vrscaj, D., MSc.

The role of user in the transition from automobility towards…

Mander, T., MSc.

Smart mobility experiments: the potential to address major (auto)mobility…

Andrade-Sastoque, E. MSc.

Exhaustible natural-resources, STI and the loot: How the royalties'…

Mertens, M., MA

Cross-cultural analysis of Responsible Innovation in prognosis…

Semmerling, L., MA

Listening on Display. Exhibiting Sound Art 1960s-now Department…

Waal, E. van der, MSc.

Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy. Aligning technological…

Smit, J.P., MSc

Valorization of Scientific Knowledge: Philosophy, History, and…

Verkade, N., MSc

Emerging energy practices in the smart grid Technology, Innovation…

Ivanova, D., MSc.

Care and place. The governance of spatial arrangements in health…

Roelofs, C., MSc.

Innovation and possible policies for stakeholder involvement…

Vegter, Mira, Drs.

The advent of nanomedicine: philosophical, ethical and societal…

Dieker, Marith, MSc.

Talking You Through: Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s-now Department…

Egher, Claudia, MSc.

Mental Health Expertise Online. The production of expertise on…

Tejada Gómez, María Alejandra, MSc.

Research and innovation governance at university environments…

Willems, Willemine, MA

Sustainable Healthcare = Just Healthcare

Moes, F., MA

Understanding the knowledge dynamics in decision-making in Zorginstituut Nederland

Weingartz, S. MPhil

Conceptualizing Techno-Moral Change in Technology Assessment

Tokarski, M., MA

The Ethics of Coping with Ecological Discomfort
Bioinfromation and Human Identity

Mougey, T. MPhil.

Civilization and its discontents: Universalism and colonialism in UNESCO's International Scinece Program, 1946-1954

Jacobs, N. MA

Historicizing Medical Ethics. A history of clinical research ethics in the Netherlands after the Second World War
Bioinfromation and Human Identity

Baren van, Drs. J.

Bioinformation and human identity: the impact of bioinformation on the human sciences