WTMC Series

For almost 4 decades, WTMC events have been at the forefront of teaching STS to graduate students in the Netherlands and around the globe. The excellence of the WTMC training programme has been recognized time and again, in formal evaluations, through a major award from our community and through countless testimonies of formers PhDs and speakers to the workshops and summer schools. WTMC has therefore decided to launch the WTMC Series on Teaching and Learning to increase the visibility of WTMC’s training programme, to acknowledge the work of coordinators, contributors and participants, and to share a resource that is central to its activities.


In preparing the WTMC events (workshops and summer schools), the coordinators and the speakers work together to develop a ‘programme’, detailing the main topic and sub-topics. Concretely, a particular topic is described, core readings from STS and other relevant literature are connected to the topic, and issues and questions are raised. Each event also addresses skills and methods that are essential to STS. These various elements are brought together in a document, casually called ‘the programme’ or ‘the reader’, which, traditionally, was only shared with the speakers and participants.


Given that this document can be useful for the development of new teaching materials, that it can spark thinking about emerging lines of work, and can help document the development of STS as a field, it seems desirable and timely that we make this material more widely available. The material for each event is now consolidated as thematic issues in a series and publicly available via the WTMC website. Each document contains a brief introduction to the topic, explaining its relevance and scope, a detailed table of contents that provides an overview of the various elements that make up each event (lectures, exercizes, readings, questions for discussions, etc), and a bibliography.


Workshop Datafying non-Humans

Download the programme of the Spring Workshop Datafying non-Humans

Winter School Political Sociology (Pierre-Benoît Joly)

Download the programme of the Winter School Political Sociology with anchor teacher Pierre-Benoît Joly


Workshop Care

Download the programme of the Spring Workshop Care


Workshop Open

Download the programme of the Fall Workshop Open

Summer School Experimenting (Michael Guggenheim)

Download the programme of the Summer School Experimenting with anchor teacher Michael Guggenheim

Workshop Postcolonial

Download the programme of the Spring Workshop Postcolonial


Workshop Smart

Download the programme of the Fall Workshop Smart

Summer School Infrastructure (Elizabeth Shove)

Download the programme of the Summer School Infrastructure with anchor teacher Elizabeth Shove