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Report PhD employability in a precarious labor market

PhD candidates Gili Yaron and Andrea Gammon conducted a study into the career trajectories and job-searching strategies of WTMC alumni working inside and outside of academia.
Danielle Shanley PHd

Danielle Shanley

In my Master thesis, entitled ‘Beyond Bullshitting: Valorisation and the Humanities in The Netherlands’, I explored how scholars respond to the current demand to explain the potential value of their research.
Robert Borst PhD research

Robert Borst, MA

Dissertation by Robert Borst. Health research is deemed essential for improving health worldwide. Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management.
Sublime Blood Tomato, Red Rice and Wadden Sea Mussel soup

A recipe of WTMC publications 2011 – 2016

Sublime[1] Blood Tomato, Red Rice and Wadden Sea Mussel soupA…

Zahar Koretsky, MA

The Return of Discredited Technology Faculty of Arts and Social…

Suci Lestari Yuana

The Dynamic of Platform Economy in Indonesia and Philippines…

Spronck, V, MSc.

Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences: Contemporary Participation…

Zuijderwijk, J. MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the level…

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An extensive and fascinating list of the publications of senior WTMC members, 2011-2016, was produced as part of the recent evaluation of WTMC.

Mingon Wuestman (Utrecht University) and Tanja Manders (Eindhoven University of Technology) have prepared a short video.

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