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Joyce Hoek

Back to Bayesics: Solving the Reproducibility Crisis in Biomedicine

Chiara Carboni

The implication of new technologies for professional roles in health care

Carla Greubel

Towards a “politics of what” – Valuing the good later life in active and healthy ageing innovations

Selen Eren

Cherishing hope beyond the ‘truth’: Building a more reliable and responsible knowledge infrastructure for the naturalcultural diversity to survive

Irene Niet

The governance of artificial intelligence in the energy transition

Sarah Rose Bieszczad

FluidKnowledge: A Multi-Scale Ethnography of How Evaluation Shapes Ocean Science

Jacqueline Ashkin

FluidKnowledge: A Multi-Scale Ethnography of How Evaluation Shapes Ocean Science

Lotje Siffels

Digital Good. The Digital Disruption of Health Research and the Common Good in Europe: an Empirical-Philosophical Study

Niko Wojtynia

Towards a regenerative food system in the Netherlands: between transition and transformation

Natascha van Bommel

Transitioning towards a low carbon energy system and its implications on society

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An extensive and fascinating list of the publications of senior WTMC members, 2011-2016, was produced as part of the recent evaluation of WTMC.

Mignon Wuestman (Utrecht University) and Tanja Manders (Eindhoven University of Technology) have prepared a short video.

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