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Connected at the joints; Calibrating knowledge, morals and health care

Willemine Willems, 10 September 2021, Maastricht University

Nina Schwarzbach

Towards a Unified Field of Clinical Psychology – Academia’s Contribution to the Scientist-Practitioner Gap

Margot Kersing

The use of (Big) data in the local social domain: developing street-level responsibility practices

Lea Lösch

Evidence in Action: Dynamic standardisation of experience-based knowledge and values in guidelines 

Junzhe (Windson) Lin

The Movement of Neurasthenia: Indigenization and Conceptualization of Psychiatry in the Early Twentieth-Century China 

Aamina Teladia

Aligning technological, economic and governmental factors in regional energy transition processes

Mischa de Bruijn

Transition pathways for agrifood system change

Anneke Boersma

Health, Sustainability and the Dietary Shift in India and The Netherlands

Monica Vasile

Reintroducing endangered species: human-animal histories in the 20th century

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