Benedictus, R., MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the UMC Utrecht

Centre for Science and Technology Studies,  Leiden University,

Supervisor: Prof. Paul Wouters and Dr. Sarah de Rijcke


Propedeuse degree in Biology, 1996, Utrecht University
Doctoral degree in Fundamental Biomedical Sciences, 2000, Utrecht University

The research projects aims to understand the interplay between research management, research evaluation, research quality, and research priority setting at the institutional level. Concretely, the project will analyse how the institute incorporates new governance structures and research assessment procedures in its own organisational context and in its formal SEP-guided assessment cycles.
The project will chart (1) how new incentives and metrics affect institutional norms about what counts as excellent research and societal relevance. (2) How new peer review procedures affect routine uses of (quantitative) indicators, and (3) how new procedures and policies affect which topics are prioritised on the institutional research agenda.

“Fewer numbers, better science”, Rinze Benedictus and Frank Miedema. Nature 538, 453–455 (27 October 2016)