WTMC at the EASST/4S conference in Copenhagen

WTMC was well-represented at the EASST/4S conference in Copenhagen – lots of members made interesting presentations, and several (former) members also did well during the prize-giving ceremony.

Congratulations to the following:

Joeri Bruyninckx was awarded the 4S Nicholas Mullins prize for best student paper, for his chapter entitled, ‘Sound Sterile: Making Scientific Field Recordings in Orithology’, that appeared in the Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies, edited by Trevor Pinch & Karin Bijsterveld (2012, Oxford University Press).

Niki Vermeulen, Sakari Tamminen & Andrew Webster were jointly awarded the first-ever Amsterdamska prize for their edited book Bio-Objects, Life in the 21st Century (2012, Ashgate). Contributors to the book include other WTMC members Ine van Hoyweghen and Zagna Reiss. The Amsterdamska prize is awarded for the a significant creative collaboration in an edited book in the broad field of science and technology studies.

Jochen Markard, Rob Raven and Bernhard Truffer were jointly awarded the first-ever Freeman prize for the special section on Sustainability Transitions that appeared in Research Policy earlier this year (41, 6: 955-1120). Rob Raven and Koen Frenkencontributed to different articles in this special issue. The Freeman prize is awarded for a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with the study of innovation.

Lunch for WTMC members

We also hosted a lunch for WTMC members and our international friends, including 15 former anchor teachers. Several representatives of our sister organisations in Italy, Taiwan, Belgium & Denmark reflected on what 25 years of WTMC and of the SCOT book have meant for them. Very soon we’ll be sending out the final programme of the local celebrations of 25 years of WTMC to be held in Amsterdam on 13-14 December.