Sonic Science Festival

Sonic Science Festival, 23-28 January 2015

The Sonic Science Festival (Maastricht, January 23-28, 2015, free entrance)

Seeing is believing, we often say. No science without images and graphs. Yet scientists use their ears as well. Examples are biologists recording birdsong, or doctors listening to the bodies of their patients. Even data about volcanos and stars have occasionally been converted into sound in order to learn more about them. Why is that? What is the role of sound and listening in scientific knowledge? And why is listening so contested in the sciences?

Sonic Science FestivalThe Sonic Science Festival answers these questions in lectures, demonstrations, workshops, concerts and a small exhibition. The largely bilingual events are open to people of all ages and presented in the Maastricht inner city. Access is entirely free. The event is hosted by Sonic Skills, a NWO-funded project at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. You are highly welcome to join, and become all ears!

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