‘National Science Agenda’: contributions WTMC members to the discussions

Science policy is a hot political theme in this cold January month: the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science allocated 20 million euros to the ‘National Science Agenda’ and the secretary of state presented his long-awaited letter on ‘valorization’. At theWTMC Annual Meeting of 2015 a heated debate took place amongst WTMC members about science policy and specifically the ‘National Science Agenda’.

To continue this discussion, and make visible the participation of WTMC in public debate about science, two of the contributors have rewritten their texts for De Omslag. Further participation in this discussion is possible and warmly welcomed at this online discussion platform!

Find the texts by Willem Halffman and Trudy Dehue through the links below.
Trudy Dehue: https://omslag.nu/publieke-wetenschap/u-vraagt-wij-draaien/
Willem Halffman: https://omslag.nu/publieke-wetenschap/de-nationale-wetenschapsagenda-leuk-geprobeerd/