Congratulations with the completed dissertations!

Congratulations with the completed dissertations!

Congratulations to the ‘new doctors’ who successfully defended their PhDs in the last few years:

Susan van Hees

19 December 2017, Maastricht University The making of ageing-in-place. Perspectives on a Dutch social policy towards lifecycle-robus neighbourhoods

Supervisor: Dirk Ruward, Klasien Horstman

Wieke Betten

18 December 2017, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  The art of reflection. Towards meaningful deliberation of synthetic biology

Supervisor: Jacqueline Broerse

Hilde Tjeerdema

14 September 2017, University of Groningen The story of the delinquent Asperger. On connecting autistic conditions to delinquency

Supervisor: Douwe Draaisma, Trudy Dehue

Hans Schouwenburg

10 May 2017, Maastricht University Strategies to Save the Earth. Nature conservation experts and sustainable development, 1980-2000

Supervisor: Ernst Homburg

Simone Schleper

26 April 2017, Maastricht University Life On Earth: Controversies on the Science and Politics of Global Nature Conservation, 1960-1980

Supervisor: Ernst Homburg

Franke van der Molen

13 January 2017, University of Groningen Governing knowledge: Understanding the interplay between knowledge and coastal governance

Supervisor: Menno Gerkema and Sjaak Swart

Bart van Oost

20 December 2016, Maastricht University Our climate, our underground; understanding the slow implementation of carbon capture and storage

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Marjolein de Boer

14 December 2016, Maastricht University Extended Bodies. An empirical-philosophical study to women’s bodily experiences in breast cancer

Supervisor: Klasien Horstman

Alejandro Balanzo Guzman

24 November 2016, University of Twente Unfolding Capacity. Strategies of farmers, organizations as change agents

Supervisor: Stefan Kuhlmann

Evelien de Hoop

27 October 2016, Eindhoven University of Technology Material Voices. Articulating democracy through biodiesel’s socio-material entanglements in India

Supervisor: Koen Frenken

Joost Van Driessche

9 June 2016, University of Groningen, Muishond

Supervisor: René Boomkens

Annapurna Mamidipudi

14 April 2016, Maastricht University, Towards a theory of innovation in handloom weaving in India

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Koen Beumer

10 March 2016, Maastricht University, Nanotechnology and development. Styles of governance in India, South Africa, and Kenya

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Pankaj Sekhsaria

10 March 2016, Maastricht University, Enculturing Innovation. Indian engagements with nanotechnology

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Trust Saidi

10 March 2016, Maastricht University, Travelling Nanotechnologies

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Koen Dortmans

26 February 2016, Radboud University Nijmegens, Behind the scenes of life sciences on stage

Supervisor: Tsjalling Swierstra

Carla Alvial Palavicino

25 February 2016, University of Twente, Mindful anticipation. A practice approach to the study of emergent technologies

Supervisor: Stefan Kuhlmann

Frans Sengers

18 February 2016, Eindhoven University of Technology, Transforming transport in Thailand: experimenting for transitions to sustainable urban mobility

Supervisor: Rob Raven

 Suyash Jolly

18 February 2016, Eindhoven University of Technology, Collective institutional entrepreneurship for fostering sustainable energy transitions in India

Supervisor: Rob Raven

Colette Bos

5 February 2016, Utrecht University, Articulation. How societal goals matter in nanotechnology

Supervisor: Harro van Lente

 Meggie Pijnappel

4 February 2016, Radboud University Nijmegen, Lost in Technification. Uncovering the latent clash of society values in Dutch public policy discourse on animal-testing alternatives

Supervisor: Hub Zwart

Bethany JoAnn Hipple Walters

4 December 2015, Erasmus University, Managing the Chronic: Investigating chronic disease management in the Netherlands

Supervisor: Roland Bal

Boukje Huijben

1 December 2015, Eindhoven University of Technology Mainstreaming Solar: PV Business Model Design under Shifting Regulation Regimes

Supervisor: Geert Verbong

Inge Lecluijze

4 November 2015, Maastricht University The wrong tool for the job: The introduction of the Child Index in Dutch child welfare

Supervisor: Klasien Horstman

Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner

27 May 2015, Leiden University Reflexive Inertia: Reinventing Scholarship Through Digital Practices

Supervisor: Paul Wouters

 Esther van Loon

20 May 2015, Erasmus University Reflexive Standardization and Standardized Reflexivity

Supervisor: Roland Bal

Dirk Haen

13 March 2015, Maastricht University The Politics of Good Food. Why food engineers and citizen-consumers are talking at cross-purposes

Supervisor: Tsjalling Swierstra

Marijke Hermans

6 February 2015, Maastricht University Engaging with risks. Citizens, science and policy in mobile phone mast siting controversies

Supervisor: Marjolein van Asselt

Ivo Maathuis

22 January 2015, Universiteit Twente Technologies of Compliance? Telecare Technologies and Self-Management of Chronic Patients

Supervisor: Nelly Oudshoorn

Rosanne Edelenbosch

16 December 2014, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Deliberating Neurotechnologies for Education. Facilitating frame reflection

Supervisor: Jacqueline Broerse

Felix Schirmann

9 October 2014, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen The Good, the Bad, and the Brain: Theory and hisotry of the neuroscience of morality

Supervisor: Trudy Dehue

Sanne van der Hout

6 October 2014, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen It’s Alive! Ecological genomics and the promise of a new relationship with nature

Supervisor: Hub Zwart

Marlous Arentshorst

1 October 2014, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Future visions of medical neuroimaging. The challenge of realising responsible research and innovation

Supervisor: Joske Bunders

Fabian de Kloe

18 June 2014, Maastricht University Constructing worlds with words; science and international language in the early twentieth century

Supervisor: Wiebe Bijker

Inge Mutsaers

17  June 2014, Radboud University Nijmegen Immunisation and its discontents. An analysis of the use and usefulness of immunological models in political philosophy

Supervisor: Hub Zwart

Lucie Dalibert

10 April 2014, University Twente Posthumanism and somatechnologies: Exploring the intimate relations between humans and technologies

Supervisor: Peter-Paul Verbeek

Jess Bier

3 April 2014, Maastricht University Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: How Segregated Landscapes Shape Scientific Knowledge.

Supervisor: Sally Wyatt

Annelies Jacobs

15 January 2014, Maastricht University Het geluid van gisteren. Waarom Amsterdam vroeger ook niet stil was.

Supervisor: Karin Bijsterveld

Jasper Aalbers

13 December 2013, Maastricht University Echoes of the City. Staging the urban soundscape in fiction film.

Supervisor: Karin Bijsterveld

Lotte Krabbenborg

29 November 2013, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Involvement of civil society actors in nanotechnology: Creating productive spaces for interaction.

Supervisor: M.P. Gerkema, Arie Rip

Sonja Jerak-Zuiderent

15 November 2013, Erasmus University Rotterdam Generative accountability. Comparing with care.

Supervisor: Roland Bal

Tjerk Timan

6 November 2013, University Twente Changing landscapes of surveillance

Supervisor: Nelly Oudshoorn

Joyce Zwartkruis

11 October 2013, Utrecht University Framing in innovation. Towards sustainable agro-food systems

Supervisor: Ellen Moors, Harro van Lente and Jacco Farla

Sabrina Sauer

18 September 2013, University Twente User innovativeness in Living Laboratories – Everyday user improvisations with ICTs as a source of innovation

Supervisor: Nelly Oudshoorn

Hieke Huistra

11 September 2013, Leiden University  Preparations on the Move. The Leiden Anatomical Collections in the Nineteenth Century.

Supervisor: Rob Zwijnenberg

Inga Ulnicane-Ozolina

21 June 2013, University Twente Influence of institute governance on international reseach collaboration: Towards a typological theory

Supervisor: Stefan Kuhlmann

Anne-Lorène Vernay

28 May 2013, Delft University of Technology Circular Urban Systems – Moving towards systems integration

Supervisor: Hans de Bruijn, Karel Mulder

Lise Bitsch

24 May 2013, Univeristy Twente Spaces of Genomics: Exploring the Innovation Journey of Genomics and Common Disease Research

Supervisor: Stefan Kuhlmann

Joeri Bruyninckx

19 April 2013, Maastricht University Sound Science Recording and Listening in the Biology of Bid Songs 1880-1980

Supervisor: Karin Bijsterveld

Jonna Brenninkmeijer

15 April 2013, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen  Brain Technologies of the Self. How working on the self by working on the brain constitutes a new way of being oneself

Supervisors: Trudy Dehue, Maarten Derksen

Congratulations with the completed dissertations!