WTMC Annual Meeting 10 December now as online event

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11:30 AM – 4:00 PM


We will start with an update about WTMC policy issues and incoming events. Stefan Kuhlmann, currently Academic Director of WTMC will introduce Esther Turnhout (UT) who will take over this role as from January 2022.

Then we will discuss the recent book “Eating in Theory” by Annemarie Mol, commented by Alexandria Poole and Phil Macnaghten, chaired by Andreas Weber.

After lunch, we will continue the discussion on “STS and Method” started at the Annual Meeting 2020: Sarah de Rijcke will chair a Round-table “STS, Social Sciences, Methodology?” with Maarten Derksen, Sarahanne M. Field, Willem Halffman and Bart Penders. In dominantly positivist epistemic communities – like large parts of contemporary psychology – critical reflection has started about the limits of quantitative research designs and measurement. What can such reform movements learn from STS? And vice versa: what can the interdisciplinary field of STS learn from such reform efforts?

Then a panel of five WTMC PhD candidates will reflect on “Researching (in)between: perspectives on doing a PhD in & around STS”. What does being part of the STS community mean for PhDs? What kind of (epistemic, social, infrastructural) work does it entail?

In the second half of the afternoon, continuing the reflection on methodology, we will hear and discuss with James Wilsdon his ideas about “STS and Metascience”. James is based at the University of Sheffield as Digital Science Professor of Research Policy and Director of the Research on Research Institute (RoRI).

You are all welcome – PhD members, retired members and everyone interested (also if not a member of WTMC).

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