Weingartz, S. MPhil


Conceptualizing Techno-Moral Change in Technology Assessment

Department of Philosophy Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Maastricht University
[email protected]

Supervisor(s): Prof. Tsjalling Swierstra and Dr.Jessica Mesman)


The BA program Arts and Culture (thesis on Care-o-bot in Elder Care in Germany) incited me to pursue my interests in philosophy of technology and STS. I continued with the Master of Arts European Studies of Society, Science, and Technology (thesis on Dementia care and the robot Paro in Denmark); and the Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (thesis on Home-making and Elderly Migrants in Germany). After a year of teaching in the BA programs Arts & Culture and European Studies, in August 2013 I started my PhD in the Department of Philosophy.



I explore previous instances of Techno-Moral change to develop a theory about the underlying mechanisms of such change. This theory will then be used to develop Techno-Moral scenarios about possible/plausible moral impacts of some (bio)nanotechnologies that are currently being developed. The overarching aim of the project is to develop a philosophical/ethical contribution to the theory and practice of Technology Assessment.
This project runs parallel to the project “Imagining Techno-Moral Change” (PhD Candidate Brian Keller).



Reis Castro, L., & Weingartz, S. (2011) Morality of a pill: Tracing boundary-making in the discussion on cognitive enhancement in academia. Working Paper kultur- und techniksoziologische Studien, 5.

Weingartz, S. (2011). Robotising dementia care? A qualitative analysis of technological mediations of a therapeutic robot entering the lifeworld of Danish nursing homes. European Inter-Association on Science, Society and Technology.