Salas Gironés, E. MSc.

Governance of the transition towards Smart Mobility

Technology, Innovation, and Society, School of Innovation Sciences,  Eindhoven University of Technology,

Supervisor: Prof. Geert Verbong


In this PhD project it is explored the possible institutional and governance arrangements in the implementation of Smart Mobility in the Netherlands. Smart mobility incorporates information and data technologies for optimizing the use of existing infrastructure and by offering new mobility services and technologies. Even though the technologies involved in smart mobility had been increasingly studied, reduced attention has been given to the societal dimension of this type of mobility, including novel governance arrangements and institutional transformations required for its implementation. This is especially important as transportation has been traditionally managed and run by public authorities, but smart mobility innovations are being developed primarily by private parties. Additionally, another trends in contemporary governance, including decision-making decentralization and multi-level governance, are also affect the mobility policy system and should be considered for studying smart mobility implementation.

For the reasons stated above, in this project possible future governance and institutional arrangements in smart mobility are being studied. Three major areas are explored: First, the role of public and private parties. It remains unclear which areas and under what conditions private parties would operate in smart mobility. Second, the collaboration among multiple public authorities. In a context of multi-level governance, decentralization of decision making, and fragmented authority, traditional mobility authorities should address their expected role in future mobility. Thirdly, the governance of data, especially regarding data coming from mobility users. Liability, privacy and security remain as areas to be explored for upscaling smart mobility implementation. This research is primarily focused on the development of Smart Mobility in the Netherlands.