Lotte Krabbenborg New Member The Young Academy of KNAW

Lotte Krabbenborg, Assistant Professor Philosophy and Science Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen, has been appointed as a member of The Young Academy of KNAW as from March 2020. Lotte had followed the WTMC Training Program 2007-2011 and is an active WTMC member.

“Sociologist and political philosopher Lotte Krabbenborg studies the various ways in which the public influences the development, implementation and social embedding of science and technology. She is specifically interested in opportunities for and obstacles to early identification of those ethical and social aspects of new technologies that should be taken into account when deciding on matters of scientific and technological development. Well-known examples would be nano-technology and genome processing. At The Young Academy, Krabbenborg intends to carry out evaluation studies into science and technology democratisation initiatives, such as the Dutch National Research Agenda. She will also focus on developing institutional and other guidelines meant to optimise the dialogue between science and society.” (The Young Academy)

More details can be found on the KNAW website: