Expert workshop Responsible Innovation in a multipe world – the case of Alzheimer diagnostics

Call for papers – Expert workshop – University of Twente – the Netherlands

Responsible innovation in a multiple world – the case of Alzheimer diagnostics, 20-21 February 2014


We are happy to invite you to contribute to the expert workshop on responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s disease, as speaker or as participant.

‘Responsible research and innovation’ is a recent ambition in research and innovation policies in Europe as well as the USA. In this workshop, we will examine the meaning and possibilities of ‘responsible innovation’ in the case of the current technological innovations of diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). We will explore how to characterize the dynamics of these developments and the concomitant discourses about ethical and societal implications.

Confirmed speakers are: Peter Whitehouse(Professor of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University), Jeannette Pols (Professor in social theory, humanism and materialities at the University of Amsterdam), Tiago Moreira (Senior lecturer at Durham University), Anthea Innes (Professor Health and Social Care Research at Bournemouth University) and Fiona Miller (Associate professor at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto). The workshop is funded by the NWO program Responsible Innovation.

The workshop will address four themes (extended description of the speakers and themes can be found in the attachment):

1.      responsible innovation and biomedical R&D

2.      responsible innovation and current diagnostic practices of AD

3.      responsible innovation and multiple – non-medical – practices of AD

4.      responsible innovation of diagnostics

 By exploring issues of responsible innovation against the background of the multiple worlds of Alzheimer’s disease, we ultimately hope to contribute to thinking about responsible innovation in complex and changing worlds more generally. Our ambition is to produce an edited volume or a special issue to address the topics and approaches discussed in this workshop. All contributors to the workshop are therefore invited to submit a written version of their contribution shortly after the workshop.

Please inform us if you are interested to participate in the workshop. If you would like to present a paper at the workshop we are looking forward to receive your abstract of max. 250 words before December 10th mailto: Please indicate to which theme you would like to contribute. Participation is free; for speakers the costs of accommodation can be reimbursed .

We hope to see you in February!

Kind regards,

Marianne Boenink, Anna Laura van der Laan (Department of Philosophy, Twente University)  

Harro van Lente, Ellen Moors, Yvonne Cuijpers (Innovation Studies, Utrecht University)