WTMC PhD Fall Workshop 6-8 November 2023 ‘Archiving’ (online)

From Monday 6 until Wednesday 8 November 2023 WTMC will organize a PhD Fall Workshop (online) on Archiving


Archives, either digital or analogue, figure prominently in STS research in at least two ways. First, they constitute an important resource for research: they function as a location of sources and documents to be discovered, explored and analysed. Even researchers who generate or collect their own materials without relying on pre-existing archival collections, have to engage in archiving work through data management practices. On the other hand, archives are interesting objects of analysis in their own right for STS scholars  intrigued by the logics and politics that are implicated in archiving processes: the notions, values and assumptions that underpin seemingly mundane decisions of classifying, categorising, discarding or including sources and bundling them together in the form of an archive.

Together with experts in the field, we want to explore the practices and politics involved in archiving in a variety of settings: digital and analogue, scholarly and corporate, personal and institutional. We will do so through an online workshop that features asynchronous elements (such as readings, written assignments and pre-recorded lectures) as well as synchronous ones (such as discussion groups and Q&A sessions).

Confirmed speakers include Geoffrey Bowker, Charles Jeurgens, Andrea Scharnhorst, Hannah Turner and Jorijn van Duijn.

WTMC PhD candidates can register free.

For external PhD candidates a participation fee of € 695 is charged.

After their acceptance, external participants will receive an email with an invoice and online-payment request and receipt. To participate, you must pay the fee via the online payment request. Registration to the workshop is final after the advance payment has been received by WTMC.

Registration has been closed.

NB: For this workshop, a few free seats are reserved for STS PhDs who are affiliated with institutions in ‘Global South’ countries AND who do not have access to institutional funding. If you are interested in one of the free seats, please send a 1-page letter in which you explain your motivation why you would like to join the workshop directly to the training coordinators Alexandra Supper: [email protected] and Andreas Weber: [email protected] by 25 September 2023.

If you have any content-related questions regarding this workshop, please feel free to contact the training coordinators Alexandra Supper or Andreas Weber.

For practical questions please contact [email protected]