WTMC PhD Fall Workshop ‘Emerging Innovations as Systems’ 3-5 November 2021

Conference Centre Soeterbeeck, Deursen-Dennenburg, The Netherlands


The WTMC PhD Fall Workshop will be held from 3 till 5 November 2021 at Soeterbeeck. This WTMC PhD Workshop is an event for WTMC participants in the first instance. If less than 20 WTMC PhDs register the remaining places could be filled by external PhDs.

The theme of the Workshop will be Innovation Studies. In particular, we will consider the tradition of studying emerging technologies and innovation systems, which has historically been very strong in the Netherlands. We look forward to this on-site event that will offer the opportunity to reconnect after a series of virtual events. Please note that attendance to all sessions of the workshop is mandatory and it is not possible to follow only part of the event. The workshop is residential and will start on 3 November at 10:30 AM and end on 5 November at 4 PM.

The final announcement with more details will follow soon.

The registration form for this workshop is now available here.

Please register by 21 September!


If you have any content-related questions regarding this workshop, please feel free to contact the training coordinators Anne Beaulieu: j.a.beaulieu@rug.nl or Andreas Weber: a.weber@utwente.nl

For practical questions please contact Elize Schiweck: e.schiweck@utwente.nl