WTMC funding for dissertations

WTMC PhD students who have finished their dissertation are eligible for a WTMC grant of 500 euro partially covering the publication costs of their PhD thesis. The 500 euro will be granted to PhD students on the understanding that the students can show that the costs are over 500 euro, and provided that the student mentions the WTMC training and funding in the acknowledgements of the thesis. WTMC does not provide any funding for attending conferences. Please contact your supervisor, your university or NWO for such conference grants.

Funding of WTMC workshops

In order to foster research activities within WTMC and the organization of WTMC workshops, the WTMC board funds workshops with a maximum of 2,500. The total amount of funding annually available for WTMC-sponsored workshops is 7,000 euro.

How to apply for a workshop grant? These are the requirements for applying:

  • WTMC has a maximum of 5,000 euro available for each workshop
  • The theme of the workshop needs to combine the interests of at least two of the three research clusters of WTMC in order to sustain the integration of the WTMC members’ research and in order to make the workshop attractive for as many WTMC members as possible
  • The workshop should be open to WTMC members, with no or seriously reduced fees for these members
  • WTMC members applying should send a signed letter to the academic director of WTMC with:
    • the full program and invited speakers
    • a detailed budget (with information about additional grants, etc.)
  • The letter with the grant application should be sent to the academic director of WTMC three months prior to the workshop, and calls for proposals or announcements about the workshop should be sent to the WTMC community at least two months prior to the event
  • In case WTMC subsidizes the workshop, WTMC should be mentioned as (one of the) sponsor(s) on the announcements, calls and publications about the workshop.
  • After the event, a 1-2 page report about the workshop needs to be sent to WTMC,including a financial report.

Inviting international speakers

WTMC is keen to develop and extend its contacts with international scholars who are doing interesting and relevant research. Thus, in 2013, we will experiment with providing financial support to WTMC members who wish to invite international speakers to give presentations in their own universities. These presentations must be open to other WTMC members.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please send the following information to the Director at least six weeks prior to the planned event.
1. details of guest – name, institution, short bio (one-two paragraphs)
2. nature of event (such as regular seminar in your university, or one-off in association with something else)
3. title and abstract of presentation to be made by guest
4. explanation of how WTMC will be involved
5. total costs, amount requested from WTMC (maximum 75%)

Prior to submitting this information, you are advised to contact either the Director or the coordinators to first informally discuss how best to involve WTMC. For example, your planned event may coincide with a workshop, in which case we might be able to get extra benefit from the guest.