The art of reflection. Towards meaningful deliberation of synthetic biology

Wieke Betten, 18 December 2017, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The story of the delinquent Asperger. On connecting autistic conditions to delinqueny

Hilde Tjeerdema, 14 September 2017, University of Groningen

Unfolding Capacity. Strategies of farmers, organizations as change agents

Alejandro Balanzo Guzman, 24 November 2016,  University Twe…

Towards a theory of innovation in handloom weaving in India

Annapurna Mamidipudi, 14 April 2016, Maastricht University


Joost van Driessche, 9 June 2016, University of Groningen

Enculturing Innovation. Indian engagements with nanotechnology

Pankaj Sekhsaria, 10 March 2016, Maastricht University

Travelling Nanotechnologies

Trust Saidi, 10 March 2016, Maastricht University

Behind the scenes of life sciences on stage

Koen Dortmans, 26 February 2016, Radboud University Nijmegen

Mindful anticipation. A practice approach to the study of emergent technologies

Carla Alvial Palavicino, 25 February 2016, University of Twe…

Articulation. How societal goals matter in nanotechnology

Colette Bos, 5 February 2016, Utrecht University

Managing the Chronic: Investigating chronic disease management in the Netherlands

Bethany JoAnn Hipple Walters, 4 December 2015, Erasmus University…

Mainstreaming Solar: PV business model design under shifting regulation regimes

Boukje Huijben, 1 December 2015, Eindhoven University of Tec…

Reflexive Inertia: Reinventing scholarship through digital practices

Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner, 27 May 2015, Leiden University

Reflexive Standardization and Standardized Reflexivity

Esther van Loon, 20 May 2015, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Deliberating Neurotechnologies for Education. Facilitating frame reflection

Rosanne Edelenbosch, 16 December 2014, Vrije Universiteit  …

The Good, the Bad, and the Brain: Theory and history of the neuroscience of morality

Felix Schirmann, 9 October 2014, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

It's Alive! Ecological genomics and the promise of a new relationship with nature

Sanne van der Hout, 6 October 2014, Radboud University Nijme…

Het geluid van gisteren. Waarom Amsterdam vroeger ook niet stil was

Annelies Jacobs, 15 January 2014, Maastricht University

Echoes of the city. Staging the urban soundscape in fiction film

Jasper Aalbers, 10 December 2013, Maastricht University

Generative Accountability.Comparing with Care

Sonja Jerak-Zuiderent, 15 November 2013, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Changing landscapes of surveillance

Tjerk Timan, 6 November 2013, University of Twente

Framing in innovation. Towards sustainable agro-food systems

Joyce Zwartkruis, 11 October 2013, Utrecht Universit

Circular Urban Systems - Moving towards systems integration

Anne-Lorene Vernay, 28 May 2013, Delft University of Technology

Sound Science. Recording and Listening in the Biology of Bird Song, 1880-1890

Joeri Bruyninckx, 19 April 2013, Maastricht University

Materiality and elegance in the eighteenth-century Leiden anatomic collections.

Marieke Hendriksen, 18 December 2012, Leiden University

The modern doctor. Unraveling the practices of residency training reform.

Iris Wallenburg, 31 October 2012, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The design of our lives. Technical mediation and subjectivation after Foucault.

Steven Dorrestijn, 10 October 2012, University of Twente

Molecular diagnostics: Towards a realistic form of ethical technology assessment.

Federica Lucivero, 19 July 2012, University of Twente

Sonification of Science. A trading zone between science and art.

Alexandra Supper, 6 June 2012, Maastricht University

Circulating images of nanotechnology.

Martin Ruivenkamp, 21 April 2012, University of Twente&n…

Science and the Struggle for Relevance

L.K. Hessels