Tokarski, M., MA

The Ethics of Coping with Ecological Discomfort

Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (ISIS)
Faculty of Science
Radboud University Nijmegen
[email protected]

Supervisor(s): Prof. H. Zwart (promotor), Prof. J. Keulartz and Dr. M. Drenthen (co-promotors)


01.09.2010 – 13.03.2013 University of Aarhus, Denmark
MA in Cognitive Semiotics
Thesis: Developing Motivation for Pro-Environmental Behavior: Semiotic Leverage Points in Environmental Protection Program

01.02.2012 – 15.06.2012 University of Tartu, Estonia
Erasmus Exchange Program at the Institute of Philosophy

01.10.2006 – 01.06.2009 London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) Film and Theater Studies
Thesis: Theatre on Death: Reverse Discourse of Social Taboos


This project will examine how a hermeneutic perspective can help understand moral rewilding conflicts in cases where spontaneous natural events play a key role, notably where the emergence of predatory species leads to appearance of multiple conflicts, not only between humans and wildlife but also between different stakeholders. It will help examine how a hermeneutic perspective can help understand how local cultures can be more or less successful in coping with the emergence of non-human ‘unruly’ agents, and explore possibilities of the hermeneutic approach to revitalize cultural coping strategies for environmental unease. The project will specifically focus on the role of environmental narratives in several controversial cases where the recurrence of predators and other ‘inconvenient’ species is perceived by some as threat or nuisance, and welcomed by others who see them as ‘belonging’ to a place.