Mischa de Bruijn

Transition pathways for agrifood system change

Science, Technology & Policy Studies, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, University of Twente, m.m.j.debruijn@utwente.nl

Supervisors: Prof. Stefan Kuhlmann, Dr Kornelia Konrad, Dr Boelie Elzen


I have a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (UU) with a minor in History and Philosophy of Science. I completed a research master in Urban Studies (UvA), where I gained experience with the topic of urban experimentation as a means of exploring systemic change in urban mobility. While writing a master’s thesis on urban agriculture, I have become fascinated by the topic of food and agriculture and their relationship to many of the ‘grand challenges’ we face today. I find particularly interesting the tensions, hybridizations and co-evolution of top-down and bottom-up processes of food system innovation.

Summary PhD project

During my PhD I will be researching the possibilities, challenges and pathways connected to a transition of the Dutch agri-food system on the basis of ecology-inspired innovations. My focus will be on social sustainability, farming future imaginaries and expectations, embedding and aligning innovation as well as governance of agri-food transitions. I expect to approach these topics, using many of the concepts and theories of CTA, RRI and the wider field of STS.