Lenn Gorissen

Transition Pathways Technology-4-Ecology-based farming

University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences, section Science, Technology and Policy Studies, l.gorissen@utwente.nl

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Esther Turnhout & dr. Kornelia Konrad


In 2019, I graduated cum laude from Maastricht University in the STS research master programme ‘Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology’. For my master’s thesis, I used theories and methods from STS, innovation studies, and economic geography. The MSc thesis title is: ‘The Evolution of an Innovation System in the Periphery. The Case of the Metal Cluster in Tegelen, Dutch Limburg (1855-1975)’. After graduating, I worked as an innovation monitor at Wageningen University & Research for the DiverIMPACTS research project, which aimed to support the agroecological transition of agri-food systems by levering socio-technical change for crop diversification.

Summary PhD Project

My work aims to study expectations and imaginaries and explore possible transition pathways related to the new concept of ‘Technology-4-Ecology-based farming’ (T4E). The PhD project is part of the Synergia project that aims to develop ecological forms of arable, dairy and horticulture farming and new types of technological and socio-technical systems that challenge current forms of agriculture. I will investigate the implicit and explicit concepts and visions of the new forms of farming central to the Synergia project and identify challenges and tensions. These insights will feed into the exploration of socio-technical scenarios and transition pathways, which will be conducted together with stakeholders and partners in the project. This will serve as a basis to deduce requirements and options for responsibly governing transformative change (https://technology4ecology.org/).

Publications  (if available)

Gorissen, L. (2020). Leren van je bazen. De totstandkoming van de metaalcluster van Tegelen (1855-1914). Studies over de sociaal‐economische geschiedenis van Limburg. Jaarboek van het Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg, 70-101.

I also contributed to the following research reports as part of the DiverIMPACTS project:

Colombo, L., Gomiero, T., Cuijpers, Y., De Jong, D., Gorissen, L., Leclere, M., Rossing, W. (2020). Deliverable 2.3 – Mid-term CSs’ evolutions in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators; DiverIMPACTS project.

Colombo, L., Vanhove, P., Curran, M. P., Bliss, K., Villa, A., Dumper-Pollard, R., Cuijpers, Y., De Jong, D., Gorissen, L., Rossing, W. (2021). Deliverable 2.4 – Second intermediate report on CSs’ evolutions in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators; DiverIMPACTS project.

Rossing, W., Gorissen, L., Schoonhoven-Speijer, M. (2022). Deliverable 2.5 – CSs’ innovation progress in both technological and institutional terms; DiverIMPACTS project.