WTMC Writeshop (PhD and PostDoc tracks!)

Date: April 30, 2018 until April 30, 2018
Time: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Restaurant Claar
Voor Clarenburg 7

April 30, 2018

Restaurant Claar, Voor Clarenburg 7, Utrecht



What previous participants have said about WTMC Writeshops:
“It is great to have an in-depth discussion with a couple of people who have made an effort to go deeply into your work.”


“Discussions were constructive, not only critical.”


“The best part was discussing the articles, not just mine. I can learn so much from how the others are writing, especially when they share their choices and reasons for writing things a certain way.”


“It provided me with a deadline to finish some work…”



On Monday, April 30th, WTMC will again organize a Writeshop with PhD and PostDoc tracks (formerly known as Dissertation Day and PostDoc Day). The PhD track is meant for WTMC members who are in the final phase of their PhD. The PostDoc track is meant for WTMC members who have finished their PhD no earlier than April 2014.

The Writeshop is a perfect chance to not only receive comprehensive comments on your own work, but also to read work of your fellow PhD students. By carefully reading the work of others in order to give feedback you can learn a lot about writing. At the Writeshop we also discuss more general issues around finishing dissertations, and what to do with them once they are done.

We are very happy to announce that Alexandra Supper will act as our senior discussant for the PhD papers this year. Alexandra Supper is an assistant professor in the Department of Technology & Society Studies at Maastricht University. She is also the academic coordinator of the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences and assistant director of studies of the BA Arts & Culture at Maastricht University. Previously, in May 2013, she was visiting professor of ‘Science-Technology-Society’ at the University of Vienna.

Alexandra was trained as a sociologist, with a focus on science and technology studies (STS), at the University of Vienna. She completed the WTMC training programme while working on her PhD at Maastricht University. Her PhD dissertation Lobbying for the Ear (2012, cum laude) investigated the role of sound in scientific practice; more specifically, it dealt with the emergence of a scientific community dedicated to sonification (the auditory display of data), and that community’s struggle to have listening to data accepted as a legitimate scientific technique. She has published a number of articles based on her PhD research, including in the journals Social Studies of Science, Science as Culture, and Sound Studies.

Her research interests include the role of the senses and embodied practices in the (natural and social) sciences, the emergence of scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary practices, and the history of academic conferences.

The PhD Writeshop will be chaired by Bernike Pasveer (b.pasveer@maastrichtuniversity.nl) and/or Govert Valkenburg (g.valkenburg@cwts.leidenuniv.nl), PhD programme coordinators of WTMC.

The PostDoc session will be hosted by Stefan Kuhlmann, academic director of WTMC, and has no other external referee. Post-docs who desire to discuss their (written) work (a research proposal, a draft paper, etc.), are invited to register.

The idea of the Writeshop is as follows. Each participant sends in a chapter or article that will be(come) part of their PhD manuscript, or any other academic work (including research proposals) in the case of PostDocs. During the Writeshop, each participant very briefly introduces her/his work. Two discussants, a fellow participant and our senior discussant, then provide comments. The author has an opportunity to respond to these comments before the discussion is opened to everyone. Each paper is discussed for a total of 55 minutes. Alexandra will act as discussant of maximum five papers. When more than 5 PhDs register, a second senior discussant will be added to the team.

The word limit for contributions is 10,000 words. The manuscript must be academic work-in-progress (i.e. not already published). Do not worry if your text is not perfect yet: this is precisely why you want to discuss it in this forum. The draft should be well enough developed so your readers can understand the argument and the material, in order to get more specific and helpful feedback. Make sure your paper includes a short introduction, explaining how the piece fits into your PhD, which journal you plan to send it to, or any other relevant details to help the reader understand your plans. Depending on the number of participants, the day may last from 10 AM until 5 PM, and will be followed by dinner (paid for by WTMC). Dinner is usually finished by 8 pm.

Contributions must be sent to Elize Schiweck (e.schiweck@utwente.nl ) by March 31, 2018. She will then distribute all of the chapters/articles and send them to participants prior to the meeting so that everyone has time to read all of the chapters.

To reserve your place, please complete this Google form no later than March 1, 2018.


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