Dissertation day November 2013

Date: November 27, 2013
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Huize Molenaar
Korte Nieuwstraat 6
3512 NM Utrecht

Dissertation day 27 November 2013

Location: Huize Molenaar in Utrecht

For more information: Prof. Sally Wyatt and Dr Geert Somsen

Organisation: Marjatta Kemppainen

On November 27th, 2013 WTMC will organize a D-day (Dissertation Day) for those WTMC members who are in the final phase of their PhD (in other words, who have completed all of the workshops and summer schools and are in their last two years). This is your chance, not only to receive comprehensive comments on your own work, but also to read work by your fellow PhD students.

By carefully reading the work of others in order to give feedback you can learn a lot about writing. At the D-day we also discuss more general issues around finishing dissertations, and what to do with them once they are done.

During the meeting, each participant very briefly introduces her/his work. Two discussants then provide comments –  a fellow participant and a senior scholar. The author has an opportunity to respond to these comments before the discussion is opened to everyone. Each paper is discussed for a total of 45-55 minutes.

Two WTMC advisory board members, and former Anchor Teachers for summer schools have agreed to act as external discussants during the Dissertation Day. They will be joining the WTMC annual meeting in Amsterdam on 28-29 November. An advance announcement for the annual meeting has already been sent round, but a more detailed programme and registration form will be circulated to the WTMC list in the next few weeks.

Dr. Aant Elzinga is professor emeritus in Theory of Science and Research at Gothenburg University. His research has covered many aspects of science policy and practice, ranging from medical controversies to knowledge production on Antarctica. He is a former president (1991-1997) of the European Association of Science and Technology Studies (EASST) and continues to be a member of editorial advisory boards of several academic journals.

Dr. Andrew Webster is professor of Sociology at the University of York, where he founded the renowned Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU). His research interests include the sociology of science and technology, and in particular the development and implications of emergent technologies in the biosciences and biomedicine, including regenerative medicine, stem cells and pharmacogenetics.