Dissertation Day November 2014

Date: November 5, 2014
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Voor Clarenburg 7
3511 JE Utrecht

Dissertation Day 5 November 2014

Location: Mammoni, in Utrecht

For more informationDr. Bernike Pasveer and Dr. G. Valkenburg OrganisationMarjatta Kemppainen


On November 5th, 2014, WTMC will organize a Dissertation Day. The D-Day is meant for those WTMC members who are in the final phase of their PhD (in other words, who have completed all of the workshops and summer schools and are in their last two years). This is your chance, not only to receive comprehensive comments on your own work, but also to read work by your fellow PhD students. By carefully reading the work of others in order to give feedback you can learn a lot about writing. At the day we also discuss more general issues around finishing dissertations, and what to do with them once they are done. The idea of the D-Day is as follows. Each participant sends in a chapter or article (this work has to be part of the PhD manuscript). During the meeting, each participant very briefly introduces her/his work. Two discussants then provide comments – a fellow participant and a senior scholar. The author has an opportunity to respond to these comments before the discussion is opened to everyone. Each paper is discussed for a total of 45-55 minutes.


We are happy to announce that prof.dr. Roland Bal will be the senior discussant of the D-Day. Roland Bal, a member of WTMC, was trained at Maastricht University, Leiden University and the University of Twente. After working at Maastricht University, he moved to the Department of Health Policy and Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he heads the Health Care Governance section. His research interests vary widely across science-policy relations, the regulation of technology and the governance of healthcare quality. His latest projects include research on translational research, performance management and inspection and regulation of healthcare practices.


This D-day will be chaired by Bernike Pasveer (b.pasveer@maastrichtuniversity.nl) and Govert Valkenburg (g.valkenburg@maastrichtuniversity.nl), PhD programme coordinators of WTMC.

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