Esther Blokbergen

Transdisciplinary boundary-crossing and competencies for boundary-navigation

Athena Institute, Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Supervisors: Zweekhorst (promotor), S.S. Rai (main supervisor), E.M.P. Urias, D. Essink (co-supervisors)



Esther is specialized in European and Eastern European studies and Social Sciences (Universiteit van Amsterdam), with studying and research experience in Italy, the US, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, and Central Asia.


Aim: to conceptualize and test theoretically-informed toolkits for training future transdisciplinary boundary-spanners, who can work at the interface between science and society, reflexively co-creating knowledge with a variety of stakeholders, to find equitable solutions to complex (“wicked”) problems in the health and life sciences and beyond.