Ivan Veul

Big tech through the eyes of the user

Dirk van de Leemput

Precarity in the social-material networks of time-based media works of art

André Brasil

Advancing the evaluation of graduate programs in Brazil: A proposal for improvement of the courses' assessment form and a study of suitable metrics and indicators for its application

Nienke van Pijkeren

(Re)Building Geographies of Care

Lea Beiermann

“A New World of Observation”: Microscopists, Matter and Media, ca. 1850–1900

Denise Petzold

Resisting Closure: A Museum Studies Approach to Performing the Canonic Heritage of Symphonic Music

Wouter Van Rossem

Finding Blind Spots: Data quality & the European Information Systems for security, border and migration management

Luc van Summeren

Community-based virtual power plant

Mario Pinzón Camargo

Decoding inclusive innovation: an approximation to the role of the local institutional entrepreneur in the success of inclusive innovation initiatives in Colombia

Sabrina Huizenga

The experimental city: unpacking big data and citizen engagement in urban health labs