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Successful international evaluation WTMC

WTMC underwent a hugely successful international evaluation in the early spring of March 2017. On 22-23 March, an International Peer Review Panel came to Utrecht to evaluate the work of WTMC for the period 2011-2016. The committee consisted of Professor dr Alan Irwin (Copenhagen Business School), Professor dr Martina Merz (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt), and Professor dr […]

Robert Borst, MA

Dissertation by Robert Borst. Health research is deemed essential for improving health worldwide. Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management.

A recipe of WTMC publications 2011 – 2016

Sublime[1] Blood Tomato, Red Rice and Wadden Sea Mussel soup A recipe of WTMC publications 2011 – 2016 Anna Harris “Recipes may be linked with the impulse to rule, hierarchise and differentiate …. Recipes are lists, at least in part”[2] Nutrition[3],[4] A case[5],[6] of good blood[7] tomatoes[8]: look for those grown with renewable energy[9], [10],[11],[12], […]

WTMC Annual Meeting 24 November, De Balie, Amsterdam

WTMC has been in the care of Maastricht University for 13 years. This annual meeting marks the end of an era. In January 2018, Stefan Kuhlmann takes over as director, and Twente will become the ‘penvoerder’ for WTMC. The day will start with an update about WTMC policy issues, including the results of the evaluation […]

Zahar Koretsky, MA

Abandoning technology: Understanding the dynamics of technological trajectories of phase-out Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,  Maastricht University, z.koretsky@maastrichtuniversity.nl Supervisor: Prof. Harro van Lente, Dr. Ragna Zeiss Background Zahar holds a Master degree in ESST, which he defended with a thesis titled “The role of non-human actors in the management of innovation processes in firms: A […]

Suci Lestari Yuana

The Dynamic of Platform Economy in Indonesia and Philippines : Cyberspace, Politics and Socio-Technical Innovation Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, s.l.yuana@uu.nl Supervisors: Prof. Rob Raven, Dr. Wouter Boon, and Dr. Frans Sengers Background 2004-2009 : Bachelor degree in political sciences from Department of International Relations, Universitas Gadjah Mada,Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 2011-2013 : […]

WTMC Workshop (Re)inventing Responsibility and Innovation

WTMC Workshop (Re)inventing Responsibility and Innovation Conference centre Soeterbeeck, Deursen-Dennenburg (previously Ravenstein), the Netherlands   In this WTMC Workshop, we look at innovation in its social context, as well as current perspectives on how innovation can and should be made ‘responsible’. We will discuss some of the standard views of innovation, and see how research […]

Spronck, V, MSc.

Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences: Contemporary Participation in Practice Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,  Maastricht University, v.spronck@maastrichtuniversity.nl Supervisor: Prof. Sally Wyatt, Dr. Peter Peters,  and Dr. Ruth Benschop Background Veerle Spronck has obtained a BA in Art History (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and graduated from the Research MSc Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Maastricht University, […]