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Heerings, M., MSc.

Participatory quality improvement incomplex care relationships in long term care: balancing self-management and frailty Instituut Beleid en Management Gezondheidszorg,  Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, heerings@bmg.eur.nl Supervisor: Prof. R. Bal Background I obtained a BSc. and MSc. in Psychology, and a MSc. in Medical Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Furthermore I participated in several courses on Philosophy […]

Dorst, H. MSc.

Governing for sustainable urban transformation – enabling the realisation and upscaling of Nature-Based Solutions in urban environments Innovation Studies, Faculty of Geosciences,  Utrecht University, h.m.dorst@uu.nl Supervisor: Prof. Rob Raven Background  I studied Urban Planning and Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a research master Urban Studies at the same university. As part of […]

Waes, A. van, Ir.

Beyond experimentation: institutionalization of urban living labs Innovation Studies, Faculty of Geosciences,  Utrecht University, a.h.m.vanwaes@uu.nl Supervisor: Prof. Rob Raven Background Information on Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, MA-thesis et cetera Arnoud van Waes has a background in Mechanical Engineering (bachelor) and Innovation Sciences (master). He graduated at Eindhoven University of Technology with a thesis about shale gas […]

Raap, S., MSc.

Positive health and social resilience in post-war disadvantaged neighbourhoods: an ethnographic participatory study Department of Health, Ethics and Society, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences,  Maastricht University, s.raap@maastrichtuniversity.nl Supervisor: Prof. Klasien Horstman   Background I hold a bachelor degree in International Relations and a bachelor degree in Philosophy (both University of Groningen). I also hold a […]

Benedictus, R., MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the UMC Utrecht Centre for Science and Technology Studies,  Leiden University, r.benedictus@umcutrecht.nl Supervisor: Prof. Paul Wouters and Dr. Sarah de Rijcke Background Propedeuse degree in Biology, 1996, Utrecht University Doctoral degree in Fundamental Biomedical Sciences, 2000, Utrecht University Summary The research projects aims to understand the interplay between research […]

Bruno, M.J. MA

Governance and Innovation in Cycling: How can user-centred models build a sustainable transportation system? Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences,  Eindhoven University of Technology, m.j.bruno@tue.nl Supervisor: Dr. Frank Schipper, Prof. Ruth Oldenziel, Prof. Rob Raven Background I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Letters. My honor’s […]

Petzer, B.J.M., MSc.

The role and potential of cycling-based mobility services in the urban mobility transition of the Netherlands Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences,  Eindhoven University of Technology, b.j.m.petzer@tue.nl Supervisor: Prof. Geert Verbong Background Brett Petzer completed separate bachelor’s degrees in politics and architecture before giving up his car to become an urban utility cyclist in Cape […]

Bek, P., MA

Transport Poverty, Governance, and Cycling Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences,  Eindhoven University of Technology, p.k.b.bek@tue.nl Supervisor: Prof. Ruth Oldenziel Background I hold a BA degree in History of International Relations from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a MA degree in History of European Expansion and Globalisation from Leiden University. In my master program, I conducted […]