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Zahar Koretsky, MA

The Return of Discredited Technology Faculty of Arts and Social…

Suci Lestari Yuana

The Dynamic of Platform Economy in Indonesia and Philippines…

Spronck, V, MSc.

Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences: Contemporary Participation…

The story of the delinquent Asperger. On connecting autistic conditions to delinqueny

Hilde Tjeerdema, 14 September 2017, University of Groningen

Zuijderwijk, J. MSc.

Formative effects of new incentives and metrics at the level…

Gregory, K., MSLIS, MA

Data Retrieval Practice: Seeking and Evaluating Research Data Data…

Heerings, M., MSc.

Participatory quality improvement incomplex care relationships…

Dorst, H. MSc.

Governing for sustainable urban transformation - enabling the…

Waes, A. van, Ir.

Beyond experimentation: institutionalization of urban living…

Raap, S., MSc.

Positive health and social resilience in post-war disadvantaged…

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